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Giant Lego Christmas Tree at London’s St. Pancras train station


Lego has recently unveiled their Giant Lego Christmas Tree at London St. Pancras International trail station. There will be a lot of shoppers passing through the station in the lead up to Christmas from the UK and from other international destinations linked up to the Eurostar Network.

The building is massive and the tree still looks huge at 12 metres high. A very nice product stunt with shops in the immediate vicinity. Any parent strapped for gift ideas would certainly notice this.

The picture here was taken by our very own Nick Burcher and you can find more info and videos here:


Torch media – free iphone app


Hi Folks

This is a nice innovation for a media company.  
Torch media now offer a free iphone application that helps you decide which of their ad formats are right for your FMCG media campaign…

Tre’ cool, and its design and usability are fantastic.


Novel outdoor idea


This is a nice experiential outdoor execution from Pfizer drawing on the insight that cigarette smoking needs to be stamped out.

Located in popular Martin Place, this is a clever way of drawing an issue to people attention.

Might have even have been more impactful if the floor was littered with used butts instead.