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5 must reads on how Technology is changing the face of content/everything…


By Sophie Reeves

I attended an NGEN session this morning on the topic of Technology, specifically Gamification and Mobile. Chris Stephenson of phd took us through the fundamentals of Gamification, talking about how the application of games design to non-game scenarios can better engage minds and shape new realities. My favourite quote of the session came from Stephenson when talking about gamifying the work space. ‘Work is a game that is so badly designed you have to pay people to do it.’ It made me reflect upon the fact that 89% of the global workforce are disengaged. This opens up a huge opportunity to find new ways to engage with consumers but also to think about how we ourselves ‘play’ in our day to day tasks and whether by gamifying ZO we could be providing better solutions for our clients.

It will come as no surprise to anyone to hear that we are currently experiencing one of the biggest shifts in how we communicate and connect to others. As the world has become more open, so too have the means in which we gather information, share information and make choices. The rapid development of technology is the driving force of this change and I have picked the top 5 stories from the past few weeks that best talk to how new tech is transforming the way that content is consumed.

1. This article from Contently looks at which technologies will bring about the next revolution in storytelling. Informed by Percolate’s recent conference titled Transition, The Content Strategist discusses how interactive video has evolved into a seamless experience for the user and how wearable immersive experiences such as Occulus rift could one day see people engaging in content in a way in which we’ve never seen before, people won’t just read or watch the news—they will experience it.

2. This Digital Trends piece looks at Hilton Hotel’s proposed role out of smartphone Hotel keys, highlighting how mobile technology is now playing a major role in our travel experiences. In this morning’s talk Stefan Savva at Fairfax highlighted how people look at their mobiles 150 times a day on average. Mobile is increasingly challenging desktop for how and when content is consumed. The mobility of mobile and the increasing number of ways that it can be used will be something that brands need to be much more on top of in order to be providing consumers with valuable experiences.

3. Fast Company give an insightful overview of their 2014 predictions for the marketing world. They pose a series of questions to creative industry leaders aimed to discover what they think will have the biggest impact on the work they are doing in the future. The key outtake is that we will have to very quickly adapt to the digital and physical world’s merging in order to keep up with consumer demand for constant connectivity.

4. A great slideshare from the Content Marketing Institute on wearable tech and how brands should be adapting to this new trend and be prepared to interpret a lot more data in the process!

5. Another one from Fast Company, New York Times Chief Data Officer on how we create and consume content now and what it means for publishers.

Bonus: You took a selfie with your iPhone? That’s so 2013! Apparently dronies are the new selfies. I’m not convinced!

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